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Savannah may be a small city, but is rich in culture & history. The SIDC values the participation of individuals from our local business, government and nonprofit community. We seek to advance understanding, thoughtful dialogue, and unity throughout our metropolitan area as well as with our youth. Below are current activities hosted by the SIDC:

  • School Outreach: discussing diversity in ideas, cultures, and peer support.
  • Savannah Traffick Jam: educating our local residents and providers on the widespread issue of human trafficking crimes.
  • Community Outreach: Promoting the development of inclusive initiatives within and around Savannah

Ways to get involved

The SIDC meets monthly and welcomes new participants and volunteers. Additional volunteer training will be provided for ongoing projects including youth outreach and the Savannah Traffick Jam conference. If you would like to get involved, contact us directly at or become a fan through our HandsOnSavannah page!