Professional Trainings

Business Owners​Connecting our local business community with state mandated signage

Training Fee: $50

Training Details In 2013, GA law required many businesses to provide Human Trafficking reporting information. Yet, many businesses remain unaware of the regulations. This training will break down the rules, responsibilities, and provide the necessary materials to support our local business owners.

​Social Workers ​Continued Education credits available for Social Workers and Professional Counselors

​Training Fee: $50

​Total CE's Available: To be Announced!

​Available workshops Human Trafficking 101, "Are Our Students at Risk of Exploitation?", Improving Victim Centered Prosecution in the Legal Community, Case Management Procedures for Victims of Trafficking provided, Supporting Victims and Survivors of Trafficking in the Medical Sector, Rescue & Rehabilitation Programming for Survivors Dept. of Health & Human Services

​Legal ProfessionalsCredits available for Lawyers practicing in the state of Georgia

​Training Fee: $50

​Total CLE's Available: 3

​Available Workshops Human Trafficking 101, Improving Victim Centered Prosecution in the Legal Community, Linking Gender Based Violence with Human Trafficking Crimes

​Law Enforcement Technical Training provided by Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

Training Details 4 Hour training on understanding all forms of human trafficking crimes, victim centered approaches, and investigative techniques.

​Medical Providers Engaging training provided by Dept. of Health and Human Services

Training Details Specialized training for nurses, physicians, healthcare administrators to link observations, signs and symptoms to labor and commercial sexual exploitation.