Why Human Trafficking?

​Many citizens believe that slavery ended in the United States over 150 years ago. Unfortunately, recent incidents within our city limits and at a global level show otherwise. Exploitation for labor, commercial sex services, and indentured servitude earns traffickers over $32 billion annually and the United States is #1 consumer . Oftentimes, we don't see or know warning signs because common misconceptions perpetuate a high demand to meet consumer needs.

​The three forms of human trafficking that exist are categorized as

labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and indentured servitude. Surprisingly, the average of entry seen at all levels is 13 years for girls and boys. In fact, more than 300,000 people remain trapped in the life of labor exploitation or forced prostitution within our borders. The majority of these victims are citizens & legal permanent residents.

​Raising Awareness, Igniting Change to End Human Trafficking

The Savannah Interagency Diversity Council believes that these statistics can be changed through community wide education & empowerment to eradicate crimes and harmful ideologies. With the support of more than 40 government agencies, nonprofit organizations  and local businesses, then Savannah Traffick Jam links our local families, leaders, and professionals with the tools and resources to build safer communities.

A Community United on solving modern day slavery

​​​​​​​​Educate our community to understand and recognize the warning signs of hidden crimes.
Empower individuals to be informed reporters
Eradicate modern day slavery as a united community